Some of our customers will notify us that they have a staff member about to travel and that we can put the staff member into the appropriate conditional access group in Microsoft 365.
Since we've added Huntress MDR for M365, we have had users blocked from signing in while traveling abroad until they report a work stoppage to their manager and we manage the alert. This upset the primary contact at one these organizations, as they had expected us to prevent this interruption.
We inquired of Huntress if there is a way to preapprove travel, and were told that we could add the end user to an exception list. I fear this would prevent detection of legitimate unauthorized access from locations outside of their travel plans.
Can we instead authorize specific locations, give the override an expiration date, and maybe in the future automate it to check the conditional access settings within Microsoft 365 for if they are 1) enabled and 2) permitted to travel?
This is being submitted per recommendation of Huntress Support.