Feature Request: Incident Simulation Mode
Our team of technicians relies on the Huntress dashboard to effectively respond to security incidents and threats. However, there is a pressing need for a safe and controlled environment to facilitate training and preparedness. Currently, there's no easy way to simulate real incidents for training purposes without affecting actual customer reports. We propose the implementation of an "Incident Simulation Mode" within the Huntress dashboard to address this issue. The "Incident Simulation Mode" would enable our team of technicians to practice and hone their incident response skills in a risk-free environment that closely mimics real-world scenarios. Here's how it would work: : Simulation Environment Creation: Admins or designated users should have the capability to create a simulated environment within the Huntress dashboard. This environment will be entirely separate from actual customer data and incidents. Fictitious Company Setup: Within the simulation environment, Admins can create fictitious companies with simulated endpoints (optionally running the agent on local PCs or VMs). These companies should appear and function like real customers, with the only indicator being that they are only displayed in the simulated environment. Simulated Incidents: Admins should be able to trigger simulated security incidents, such as malware infections, suspicious activities, or other threats, within the fictitious companies. These incidents should closely resemble real-world incidents and should trigger alerts and notifications as if they were genuine. Training Actions: In response to these simulated incidents, technicians can practice and execute appropriate actions (e.g., quarantining files, isolating endpoints, investigating logs) within the simulation environment. These actions should follow the same workflow as they would in a real incident. Realistic Feedback: The dashboard should provide realistic feedback and responses to the actions taken by technicians during the simulation. This feedback will help technicians learn from their actions and improve their incident response skills. Safe and Controlled: It's essential to emphasize that the simulation environment is entirely separate from real customer data and poses no risk to actual customers. Any actions taken within the simulation will not impact real incidents, reports, or systems. Benefits: Training Enhancement: The "Incident Simulation Mode" will significantly improve our team's incident response skills through realistic training scenarios. Risk Mitigation: By using simulated environments, we can avoid accidentally affecting real customers or their reports during training exercises. Continuous Learning: Technicians can continuously refine their skills and adapt to evolving threats in a safe and controlled environment. We appreciate your consideration of this feature request and look forward to its potential implementation to further strengthen our security incident response capabilities. Please let us know if you require any additional information or clarification regarding this request.
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